*Run Limit: A maximum of 5 runs can be scored per team per inning for A and AA, and a maximum of 6 runs can be scored per team per inning for AAA, except during an open inning.

As players advance through the different levels of baseball, the quality of play improves and the level of excitement, intensity, and competition increases. AA is the last level of truly developmental baseball, where Managers and Coaches are strongly encouraged to play players at all positions that can be handled safely. At the AAA and Majors levels, some Managers and Coaches limit players to a few fielding positions to establish a more regular line-up. At these levels of play, some players may see more playing time than others. The minimum playing requirement for each player at AAA and Majors is six defensive outs per game. All teams bat the roster throughout the game.

If your child needs more developmental work, please consider keeping him down one level of play.

If you want your child to be considered for the level of play above the typical level, you must sign in the appropriate space on the registration form. This is not a guarantee that he will play at the higher level. The actual level of play for all players is determined by the draft.

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