Player Evaluations
Posted Nov 16, 2011


PLAYER Evaluations

WHO: ALL Players age 9 or older Baseball divisions AAA/Majors

11-12 yr. olds and 10′s wanting consideration for Majors level. Some skilled 9-year olds

Tryouts will be conducted indoors on a turf/Gym floor
Wear appropriate shoes for the indoor facility, protective cup, baseball glove, hat, bat, and batting helmet.
Bring your tennis shoes


Little League Baseball Evaluations
Every prospective player has a number pinned to his back when they register for the tryout. The number of each player is called out during each of the following drills. This is where managers and coaches can see, and score, each prospective player perform five skills:

1. Hitting
2. Fielding a ground-ball
3. Throwing to first base
4. Catching the ball at first base
5. Catching fly-balls

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I played on a AAA team last year and want to tryout for a majors team this season. What happens if I don't get drafted by a Majors team?
A: Then you go back into the AAA draft. Any AAA coach has the option to draft you. You are NOT guaranteed to be on the same AAA team you were on last year if you attend tryouts.

Q: My mom or dad is a coach, do I still have to tryout?
A: Even if your parent is coaching, if you've never played Majors or AAA you are required to tryout.

Q: I was in AAA last season, but I participated in the Honors/All-Stars teams following the season. Do I still have to tryout for majors?
A: Yes, you still need to attend tryouts.