Posted Nov 18, 2019

$150 Registration Fee

Minor "AA" co-ed league intended for boys and girls ages 7-9

Levels of Play:


This is a level in which both the players and coaches share the pitching duties. This is an important level as it is the players' first look at "kid-pitching". The coaches will pitch at the start of the season, but by the middle of the season, the players will begin to pitch more. The rules of baseball are more closely followed. Balls and strikes are counted and scores are kept.


Maximum of 6 innings or (time limit), Strikes and balls are counted and scores are kept

Team Formation:


Co-ed teams are formed by the League using a variety of criteria, including coach requests, school, buddy requests and age/gender balance.

Practices Begin:


First Week of March

Opening Day:


Saturday, April 4th is opening day weekend


Opening Day through June

1 -2 Games a week starting in April

Time Commitment:

2 practices/ games per week,

1 during the week, one on Saturday

During March, 2 practices a week

During April, May, June 1 practice/1 game a week

Field Locations:

Orenco School


North Plains Elementary

Equipment Needed:

Baseball glove

Baseball Pants
Batting Helmet

Questions? Please contact our Player Agent.

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