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Welcome to Hillsboro Little League of Oregon

The goal of Little League baseball is that every child that wants to play ball, has that opportunity.

2019 Season:



To have a seamless 2019 spring season we need volunteer help. Hillsboro little league is asking for community to get involved in the league and help make some great memories for our kids. The work can be challenging at times but, has many rewards.

Its takes a community to make a successful league and Hillsboro Little League is asking for your help and support. Please email HillsboroLLeague@gmail.com with your interest. No matter how small the contribution you can make a difference and be an active part in your child/s season.

 Letter from the President:

Dear future volunteers,

My name is Cory Smith and I am the current President of the Hillsboro Little League. I felt the need to inform everyone interested in the Hillsboro Little League about the current state of the league and hopefully get some people to come aboard and help. The board of directors are all volunteers which are made up of parents, community leaders and general citizens. Their work and dedication is a year round commitment to the kids of Hillsboro.

The Board of Directors has the responsibility of running the operation of our program. The Board makes decisions that are in the best interest of all the children in the program.

We are required to operate our program under the rules and regulations of Little League International. Some of the specific duties include: paperwork that needs to be filed with corporate headquarters, registrations, finding sponsors for our teams, fund-raising, try-outs, drafting teams, scheduling, working ball games and at this point we only have two Board members. That’s a lot of work for only two people to take on. The purpose of this letter is to hopefully add to our current Board and make this league thrive for the better of Hillsboro baseball and the Little League as a whole.
Last year Hillsboro Little League did not have a board or a President that was present for the league to survive; resulting in very poor experience for those of us involved. By taking over as President and hopefully bringing in a few brave souls, I hope to remedy this and bring back the Little League name to the Hillsboro area. We will be building this from the ground up, starting with T-ball and expanding from there.

I know we all have jobs, family and kids but why not make some time for the Little League and our youth? We need board members that are invested and want to see the program grow for all of the kids in the Hillsboro community.

I would like to thank all of the volunteers that have worked very hard this past year. Without all of us working together, none of what we do, would be possible.

I am asking for more participation at our annual meeting and also for more volunteers to serve on the Board of Directors. If you are interested in our program, whether you have children playing or not, please contact me ASAP, my email address is HillsboroLLeague@gmail.com

Once again, thank you for all of your help and support.


Cory Smith

President, Hillsboro Little League





Boys and Girls welcome!  

Please e-mail questions to Hillsboro Little League.

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