Frequently Asked Questions
Posted Sep 11, 2011

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What will the schedule look like for practices and games? How many days a week will my kids need to participate?

A. Typically in T-Ball, you can expect 2 days of activity per week, 1-2 weekday evenings and Saturday, at about an hour in length. The days are determined by your child's coach. If you have a request for a certain day, please note it on your registration and we will do our best to accommodate.
Upper levels can expect 2-4 days of activity per week and longer practice times as determined by your child's coach. Always evenings and possibly Saturdays.

Q. What fields does HLL practice and play on?

A. Historically HLL has played at Orenco Elementary School and Evergreen Christian Center.

Q. When does my child have to be four in order to play T-Ball?

A. Please use the age chart to determine if your child can play with us this year:
League Age Calculator

Q. How can I be considered for a scholarship for my child?

A. Please send us a general narrative of your situation, why playing little league would be impactful for your child, and what you can contribute either monetarily or as a volunteer. Send to:

Q. When will I be contacted when practices start and what team my child is on.

 A. Approximately the first week of March and as late as the third week of March for T-Ball.